Natural Resource Management & Common Wealth (NRMCW)

NRMCW is apolitical, non-profit, non-governmental organization founded and incorporated on the 22nd February 2003 with registration no. 11797/02 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. It is a community based; skill development oriented organization which over years extended coverage in many districts of Madhya Pradesh. We also render our services for TB control and awareness. Our USP is transparency and public accountability. We keep our approaches clear and brief. Apart from working with the Central and State governments, we support in CSR activities to solve social and environmental problems. We have a keen willingness to engage with private sector and keep high ethical and professional standards. We assure that NRMCW is a dependable NGO and has its forte in the field of addressing gender inequality and protecting the environment.


Our Identity and Core Values


We don't violate any person's fundamental human rights, with which


NRMCW is entrusted with a responsibility to the public.


NRMCW is accountable for its actions and decisions, primarily to the community


NRMCW is t ransparent in its dealings with the government, the public,

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Phone : +91-755-4026990

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Kusum 46 Shrawan Estate, Durgesh Vihar,

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Madhya Pradesh, India